Pros And Cons Brandon FL | Brandon FL

Brandon is kind of the “Center of the suburbs” with the longest history of growth. I personally feel as if Brandon was the first town people started moving to outside of the city, and everything else in the suburbs has grown out from there. Brandon FL There has also been talk of incorporating Brandon (much […]

Best Tampa Suburbs

Best Tampa Suburbs **Disclaimer: Make sure to do your own separate research. This list is curated SOLELY from the most popular searches on neighborhoods in Tampa. Please do not take this video as the end-all be-all.***** If you are thinking about a move, schedule a chat with me at the link in my description, so […]

Beach Safety Tips | Florida Beach Safety

Here in Tampa, where one of the first things people think about is the beach, beach and sun/water safety is of the utmost importance. Beach safety for kids and adults alike in Tampa looks just a bit different than other places just due to a few extra little details. Here are some great beach safety […]

Gibsonton | Tampa Suburbs

Gibsonton is the home of the Showman’s Club & Museum. Gibsonton Many people also know it as the home of “carnie-ville” but is so much more than that. Many carnival showpeople wintered there, yes, but the town has so much more history to it! Gibsonton was founded by James Gibson, Sr., from Greenville, Alabama, in […]

Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness Hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30 every year. Hurricanes are among nature’s most powerful and destructive phenomena. But as many transplants to the Tampa area have mentioned, at least these natural disasters are ones that come with a bit of warning, so you are able to prepare or evacuate. I […]

Fishhawk Ranch | Lithia FL

Fishhawk Ranch is a gorgeous neighborhood in Lithia, FL, full of amenities, local businesses and lots to do and explore. When people think of Lithia Florida they think of the community of Fishhawk most of the time. Did you know that the area of Fish hawk is named after a bird? A Fishhawk bird of […]

City Of Plant City | Tampa Suburbs

Plant City Despite many thinking it was named for flora grown at plant nurseries (especially vegetables and fruits, as well as tropical houseplants) in its tropical Gulf Coast climate, it was named after prominent railroad developer Henry B. Plant (who you may know has a museum in Tampa named after him). Henry B. Plant was the founder of the Plant System of railroads […]

Bloomingdale FL – Valrico FL, Brandon FL

Bloomingdale FL is the largest neighborhood in Hillsborough county– boasts over 5000 homes with over 23000 residents. Bloomingdale is located south of Bloomingdale Avenue, North of Fishhawk Boulevard, East of John Moore Road, and West of Lithia Pinecrest Road. Bloomingdale consists of a specific neighborhood, separated essentially into east vs west, each with their own […]

Things To Do In Apollo Beach

So first things first is the Manatee Viewing Center. The Manatee Viewing Center is only open October/November-ish to March or April-ish. That is because the manatees seek out the warmer water that TECO actually runs off from cooling their plants right into the inlet. So that’s where they find this warmer water refuge during the […]

Ybor City, Tampa, Florida

Ybor City isn’t quite a city itself, it’s actually more of a neighborhood here in the Tampa Bay Area but nonetheless it is a fun and interesting part of Tampa all its own. Just from its rich culture and history to its hip and bumping nightlife, it is the only neighborhood on Florida’s west coast […]