SouthShore Bay Neighborhood Tour

Southshore Bay is a huge lagoon community, the second one in the nation in South Hillsborough County. It’s only preceded in the area (and the nation) by Epperson Lagoon just up the way in Wesley Chapel. So basically a lagoon is a body of water separated from larger bodies of water by a natural barrier […]

Things to do in Riverview, FL

Things to do in Riverview, FL. Looking for fun things to do in Riverview, Florida? So the first thing is trails. There are miles and miles of trails for walking, for biking, all kinds of trails! We even have horse trails a little further out in Lithia, those are really fun too! So some of […]

Tampa Bay’s Outdoor Scene & Activities

Tampa Bay, with its wonderful warm climate, is a mecca of varied activities, interests and people. When people think of Tampa, they immediately think of outdoor activities, though Tampa is full of all kinds of other great things. Stereotypes do win, I guess. That stereotype is why many people move here to begin with. So […]

Best Tampa Coffee Shops

Who doesn’t love coffee?! (Honestly, I’m sure MANY people prefer tea, or maybe can’t do caffeine.) Tampa sure loves its coffee! I reached out to my local communities for everyone’s favorite local Tampa coffee shops. Especially in this day and time, it is imperative to shop, eat and drink LOCAL! Without further adieu, here are […]

Top 10 Burgers In and Around Tampa

I reached out to lots of members here in our community, about their favorite local restaurants to get a burger. The results were overwhelming. I had no idea we had so many great burgers here in local businesses, either. That’s on me, though, as I don’t go out much. 😛 Here is the list of […]

Ruskin-Baudette Neighborhood Park – Ruskin Hiking

Ruskin-Baudette Neighborhood Park is more like the recreational parks most know in Hillsborough County. It has facilities, indoor spaces, plus a playground, a community garden, and outdoor hockey rink. There are multiple basketball courts, a few indoors, and a few outdoors under cover. Further back behind the rest of the amenities at this park, is […]

Alafia Scrub Nature Preserve – Riverview Hiking

Alafia Scrub Nature Preserve is a beautiful hidden gem actually right off I-75. It is an 80 acre preserve acquired by Hillsborough County in 1998. There are two trails through this preserve, a 1.3-mile loop, and a 0.8- mile loop. This trail has great water views, and an observation dock to view even better. A […]

Edward Medard Conservation Park – Dover Hiking

Edward Medard is a Hillsborough County Park located in Plant City, at 6140 Turkey Creek Rd. It is one of the county’s largest regional parks, that includes a 700 acre reservoir which most of the attractions surround. Edward Medard Park has something for almost everyone! Canoe and kayak rentals, horseback riding trails, hiking trails, camping, […]

Triple Creek Nature Preserve – Riverview Hiking

Triple Creek Nature Preserve is a conservation preserve in Hillsborough County that is almost 1000 acres. This preserve connects the Rhodine Scrub and Balm-Boyette Scrub Preserves , creating a huge trail system. Triple Creek Nature Preserve is located in what I call “South Riverview,” which is essentially just the most southern section of Riverview. The […]

Bell Creek Nature Preserve – Riverview Hiking

Bell Creek Nature Preserve is a Hillsborough County preserve located in Riverview, neighboring both Shadow Run and Boyette Springs. This is personally one of my favorite places to go hiking here in Riverview, mostly due to its close proximity. It was owned by a developer in the early 1980’s, but they gave up on the […]