Brandon is kind of the “Center of the suburbs” with the longest history of growth. I personally feel as if Brandon was the first town people started moving to outside of the city, and everything else in the suburbs has grown out from there.

Brandon FL

There has also been talk of incorporating Brandon (much like Plant City has been), though I do believe every time its been brought to a vote it has been shot down. There are tons of things to weigh the pros and cons of Brandon FL.

Pros and Cons Brandon FL

Brandon is full of TONS to do and see, and plenty of shopping and dining options. Brandon even has its own town center mall, with tons of great options as JC Penneys, Dicks Sporting Goods, Macy’s, Lego, Disney, Bath and Body Works, Apple, and even a Tattoo parlor: Atomic Tattoos. There is even a full food court with great dining options such as Chick fil-a, P.F Changs, Panera Bread, The Cheesecake Factory, and even a Dippin’ Dots (my favorite!!)! 

Brandon has tons to do, such as Galactic Playgrounds (a STEAM-based learning playground for kids and kids at heart), A large library, escape rooms, bowling, and more. There are also a few great things nearby that are more of Brandon-area things with Tampa addresses, such as ice skating at the TGH Iceplex, Skyzone, the trampoline park, and IFLY- the indoor sky-diving experience.

Brandon has tons of different types and styles of homes within its limits as well for pretty much any price range, from condos to townhomes to single family homes.

A con of living in brandon, is the traffic.

Brandon also has a population of approximately 115,000 at the recording of this video, so that many people could definitely cause some traffic concerns!

Since Brandon was settled as one of the first towns in the suburbs of Tampa, it is a given that some of the homes are older, and it is less likely for you to find new or newer construction homes in brandon that are to your liking. Not saying they aren’t there, but Brandon has fewer and fewer new construction neighborhoods cropping up, as there is less land not already developed or somehow claimed.

All in all, Brandon is a great town here in the Tampa suburbs, and I thoroughly enjoyed growing up right on the cusp of the town.

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