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Riverview FL

Riverview has tons to do and see, plus is a great place to live.

Riverview was founded in 1885, on the banks of the Alafia River. There actually were two settlements at the time: Peru and Riverview. In the 1940’s, Riverview absorbed Peru to become the entire area we now know as Riverview.

The Alalfia River was named “Alafia” by early settlers, which translates to “River Of Fire.” This name came from the phosphate glowing at the bottom of the river due to the phosphate mining nearby.

Riverview is a larger town with some of that small town feel to it still. We are close to get into the city (or Brandon), or close to go out into the “country” such as Balm, or Keysville or Fort Lonesome.

Literally “Riverview” so lots of water activities and places to live on the water.

Many businesses, large and small are coming to Riverview over Brandon, though can also be a con, due to lack of infrastructure and so many traffic concerns.

Riverview FL Directions

Riverview, Riverview zip code
Riverview proximity to Tampa

People tend to complain the most about traffic in Riverview, though it is the same all throughout the county and almost all of the Tampa metropolitan area.

We have the best location, with ease of access to the highway, which leads to an easy drive to other things, towns, etc.

Commutes can be tough, but if you get a slightly shifted schedule, such as 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM, you can alleviate any commuting and traffic concerns.

Riverview FL Weather

Despite our lack of seasons, we are able to enjoy the outdoors most of the year here in the area, as we have mild winters. Unfortunately, sometimes the summers can be unbearably hot, so that is probably the worst time of the year to attempt to enjoy the outdoors in Riverview.

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