Ruskin-Baudette Neighborhood Park is more like the recreational parks most know in Hillsborough County. It has facilities, indoor spaces, plus a playground, a community garden, and outdoor hockey rink. There are multiple basketball courts, a few indoors, and a few outdoors under cover. Further back behind the rest of the amenities at this park, is a small pavilion with a couple picnic tables, and the “trail.” This is a paved oval shaped path to follow, which has slight views of a pond, and is easy to navigate. The whole path is about a half mile in length.

This park gets a lot of traffic, as it is a very convenient location to travel to, plus is right next to a school. We observed one of the indoor spaces set up as an after-school program facility, with plenty of space for many kids to do a variety of activities. When you include this with all of the other activities available, it makes for a very enriching and thriving space for kids. On another later date, we observed the back field with the walking path set up for a huge national tour event, with tons of bounce houses and activity centers.


Ruskin-Baudette Neighborhood Park is less of a nature and scenery-oriented park than the others I have spoken about previously, but is no less a wonderful option. The paved path provides an even, stable “trail” for those who may be wheelchair-bound, or less confident of their abilities to navigate tree roots and dirt paths.

On our visits to Ruskin-Baudette Neighborhood Park, we observed peace and tranquil settings and atmosphere, despite its close location to a busy main road. The county’s site provides the information for all the programs they provide to the community: for kids, families, and active adults. You can find any of our events there on our events page.