Southshore Bay is a huge lagoon community, the second one in the nation in South Hillsborough County. It’s only preceded in the area (and the nation) by Epperson Lagoon just up the way in Wesley Chapel. So basically a lagoon is a body of water separated from larger bodies of water by a natural barrier these particular lagoons are man-made. Southshore Bay’s lagoon is nearly 5 acres. You do have the ability to kayak, canoe, or paddleboard on these waters. Every single home in this community is a smart home and the community itself has UltraFi which is a blanket Wi-Fi you can access while out on the lagoon, on the walking trails, or anywhere in the community. The community also boasts a dog park, multiple dog parks, actually, miles of walking trails, golf cart paths, gated access, green spaces, and green forward amenities. As a resident at any of the Metroplaces lagoon communities you have access to any of the other lagoon communities, any of them! So say you’re visiting Fort Myers but live here in Southshore Bay you can still utilize the amenities and the lagoon over at Brightwater, the community over in Fort Myers, or if you just happen to be on the other side of Tampa for a period of time, you can always stop by Mirada or Epperson, the first lagoon community here in the nation, if you’d like for any reason to go hang out by the lagoon, go use one of their amenities, anything.

The builders here in Southshore Bay are D. R. Horton and Holiday Builders currently plus Lennar but they are only building for the active adult section. They will still be building into 2021 and then of course some other homes may be available at any time for resale and they’re still building in 2021.

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