Pros And Cons Brandon FL | Brandon FL

Brandon is kind of the “Center of the suburbs” with the longest history of growth. I personally feel as if Brandon was the first town people started moving to outside of the city, and everything else in the suburbs has grown out from there. Brandon FL There has also been talk of incorporating Brandon (much […]

Best Tampa Suburbs

Best Tampa Suburbs **Disclaimer: Make sure to do your own separate research. This list is curated SOLELY from the most popular searches on neighborhoods in Tampa. Please do not take this video as the end-all be-all.***** If you are thinking about a move, schedule a chat with me at the link in my description, so […]

Top 10 Burgers In and Around Tampa

I reached out to lots of members here in our community, about their favorite local restaurants to get a burger. The results were overwhelming. I had no idea we had so many great burgers here in local businesses, either. That’s on me, though, as I don’t go out much. 😛 Here is the list of […]