Ybor City, Tampa, Florida

Ybor City isn’t quite a city itself, it’s actually more of a neighborhood here in the Tampa Bay Area but nonetheless it is a fun and interesting part of Tampa all its own. Just from its rich culture and history to its hip and bumping nightlife, it is the only neighborhood on Florida’s west coast […]

SouthShore Bay Neighborhood Tour

Southshore Bay is a huge lagoon community, the second one in the nation in South Hillsborough County. It’s only preceded in the area (and the nation) by Epperson Lagoon just up the way in Wesley Chapel. So basically a lagoon is a body of water separated from larger bodies of water by a natural barrier […]

Tampa Bay’s Outdoor Scene & Activities

Tampa Bay, with its wonderful warm climate, is a mecca of varied activities, interests and people. When people think of Tampa, they immediately think of outdoor activities, though Tampa is full of all kinds of other great things. Stereotypes do win, I guess. That stereotype is why many people move here to begin with. So […]

Best Tampa Coffee Shops

Who doesn’t love coffee?! (Honestly, I’m sure MANY people prefer tea, or maybe can’t do caffeine.) Tampa sure loves its coffee! I reached out to my local communities for everyone’s favorite local Tampa coffee shops. Especially in this day and time, it is imperative to shop, eat and drink LOCAL! Without further adieu, here are […]