So first things first is the Manatee Viewing Center. The Manatee Viewing Center is only open October/November-ish to March or April-ish. That is because the manatees seek out the warmer water that TECO actually runs off from cooling their plants right into the inlet. So that’s where they find this warmer water refuge during the colder months. It’s a really, really awesome place to go; you get to see all kinds of nature. Next up on the list would be the Apollo Beach Nature Preserve. It’s a big beautiful beach- like Apollo Beach is known for. I still wouldn’t swim in the water, actually I don’t believe you are able to swim in the water at the preserve. But it is a big piece of county property where they have a few pavilions as well as a giant walking trail now, and of course tons of places for you to sit on the beach, view the water. It’s a great place for events on the beach, watching the sunset, they even actually have a brand new observation deck where you can climb up in the middle of the parking lot and see out way above the water out to the Tampa skyline and the St. Pete skyline it’s really awesome so you definitely want to check that out. Speaking of events on the beach, my favorite thing in Apollo Beach in general is a local yoga studio there in Apollo Beach actually hosts yoga classes right on the beach Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday mornings for free for anybody to come to. Super easy yoga, not anything intense, not anything that somebody couldn’t do but just a free community-based class. She also actually asks for donations to a local charity of her choice during that month which is super awesome of course. You know she’s got her yoga studio as well, where you can go to do other events. Speaking of yoga there are lots of options for recreation such as the yoga, dance studio, gymnastics, and gyms. There’s also tons of outdoor recreation: miles and miles of sidewalks for biking, walking, things like that.

The restaurants in Apollo Beach I mean who doesn’t like restaurants, right? But there are tons and tons of local you know, non-chain, non-franchise options: There’s Circles, there’s Latitudes, there’s the Vineyards, there’s Salty Shamrock, there’s tons more. There’s this really cool coffee shop on the corner there on the boulevard as well you should go and see it, it’s called The Daily Grind and you need to go and try it. Then last but not least boating! Boating is a huge thing in Apollo Beach. I mean, Apollo Beach is built right on canals so it’s kind of a “duh” thing that Apollo Beach would be known for is the boating. Boating and just about anything water related is an awesome choice in Apollo Beach there’s plenty of docks, plenty of places for you to go and take your boat out or your jet skis or kayaks or whatever your choice of watercraft.

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