Things to do in Riverview, FL.

Looking for fun things to do in Riverview, Florida?

So the first thing is trails. There are miles and miles of trails for walking, for biking, all kinds of trails! We even have horse trails a little further out in Lithia, those are really fun too! So some of the big ones around here are Triple Creek, Bell Creek, Balm Boyette is the big one for mountain bike riding. If you are a mountain biker you would absolutely love it.

Next thing would be to kayak or boat. The Tampa bay area is known for its kayaking and boating and it’s water sports so it just makes sense that here in Riverview you’d be able to do the same thing. So the Riverview Civic Center is the best place to go: it’s got a little boat ramp you can take out your boat and go down the river or take your kayak even. If you want to kayak down the river even to some riverside dining and drinks and stuff there’s tons of places to go right on the river where you could just paddle up or boat up and just have a good old time. You could even drive just across the river down to Gibsonton or Apollo Beach or into Tampa or wherever your favorite place would be. You can go directly into the bay, rather than on the river, and go directly into Tampa Bay and go and boat that way you know of course it’s more open water so that’s super fun as well but that’s still super close.

Riverview also has tons and tons of great dining, tons of small locally owned restaurants and diners and breweries and bars for families or you know any other crowd that you may have with you. We’ve got places like the Beer Shed, Leaven Brewing, or Selfie Subs, just to name a few. We’ve got tons here in Riverview, we even have two movie theaters right here in the Riverview area: the Xscape theaters off of Progress and then the GDX/AMC off of Gibsonton by 75. That technically is not in Riverview but it’s Gibsonton and it is super duper close.

I also host lots of fun events such as trivia, guided trail walks, and I have a huge brewery passport program that’s coming very soon and that’s all right here in Riverview. Even if you expand and go into Brandon or Tampa or go to Bradenton or Sarasota you’ll find even more to do but we have plenty of fun just right here in Riverview!