Ybor City isn’t quite a city itself, it’s actually more of a neighborhood here in the Tampa Bay Area but nonetheless it is a fun and interesting part of Tampa all its own. Just from its rich culture and history to its hip and bumping nightlife, it is the only neighborhood on Florida’s west coast to be designated a national historic landmark district. How cool is that?! Many, many people here in the area have crazy or fun stories about Ybor, happenings in Ybor, and people they met here in Ybor.

Ybor’s main drag is 7th avenue, most of the bigger shops bars and nightclubs are here. 7th is also is where the Columbia is located which is actually the oldest restaurant in Florida. Fun fact: it is also the largest Spanish restaurant in the world! That’s pretty cool too, huh? They’ve actually expanded now and they have multiple locations, but the original location is right on 7th. They also have a museum on the side, a gift shop, all kinds of fun stuff.

Just a few streets over is the Ybor campus of HCC: Hillsborough Community College, in some historic buildings and with a wide range of subjects to study. Fun fact: I studied there! If you don’t know anything about Ybor you’d be surprised as well to know about Centennial Park and all the roosters and chickens that call the area home. I mean TONS! They are all wild and direct descendants of the chickens that lived in backyards in Ybor over 100 years ago. Make sure you do not feed them though, as they are protected by the city.

Ybor is also known for its hand-rolled cigars, which have been hand-rolled there in Ybor for over a hundred years. You will usually smell the aroma of the hand rolled cigars drifting down the road in Ybor, alongside the aroma of their fresh roasted coffee in the morning. Who wouldn’t love that?!

The Ybor City Museum is located in a former bakery, or you could go even take a tour through the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office History Center. Ybor City itself is home to many different types of housing: condos, single-family homes, unique ideas like the warehouse lofts; where they took old warehouses and turned them into little lofts. I think that’s a really neat idea.

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